Angel Brunjes

Gabe Brunjes
Gabe Brunjes and Angel Brunjes, both of Stover, piloted the Lil' Orange Popper Thursday, July 17 at Tipton Towne Square Days garden tractor pull. (photos by Curtis Simmons)

Avoid problems with bears
Black bears normally are shy and elusive, but the Missouri Department of Conservation urges those few citizens of Morgan County lucky enough to see bears to keep them at arm's length. Keeping bears wild protects people and property. It also protects bears.

Department of Conservation seeks more input on deer management
The Missouri Conservation Commission recently proposed regulation changes to the Wildlife Code of Missouri about the operations of hunting preserves and wildlife breeding facilities that hold white-tailed deer, mule deer, and their hybrids.

On with the Scho
Craig Schowe of New Haven is ready for the spotlight on Scho Time II, a 7080 Allis-Chalmers, Friday, July 18 and digs out a pull of 299'1", good for third place at the MMTTPA Tractor Pull at the Morgan County Fair in Versailles.

MMTTPA tractor and truck
pull highlights Friday at the fair
The big truck and tractor pull took place Friday, July 18, at the Morgan County Fair grandstand in Versailles. The MMTTPA Truck/Tractor Pull featured 11 classes of tractors and trucks showing off their pulling power.

County fair ATV/Dirt Bike event winners announced
The ATV/Dirt Bike/Utility Vehicle rodeo competed Thursday, July 17, in front of the grandstand at the Morgan County Fair in Versailles. 64 riders in 13 classes of bikes and four-wheelers competed. Listed by class, the following riders won trophies.

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